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Exclusive NFTs currently available for sale only on

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Bitcoin By Jeg - NFT Collection

My latest drops pleased more than 100 unique owners - again thanks a lot for your support! As you know, my very last NFT drop was the Veve Logo (more info here) and as it was very successful, it's now time for another NFT round!

Let's stay in the Crypto Universe - may I introduce you to my new NFT: Bitcoin by Jeg. 

This digital collectible is a tribute to the last Bullrun we lived, a unique memory to possess digitally... and potentially physically! 

NFT mint on-2.png

Utility program 


Each and every one who will buy one of these 1333 NFTs, will automatically participate in a lucky draw to win the original canvas. Owning 1 NFT = having 1 entry for the lucky draw.


The value of the painting is based on my latest sale, $2500 - but what value do you think this canvas will have in the future?


Special utility for Logo Veve by Jeg owners

Each NFT Bitcoin by Jeg you'll possess will double your entries for the lucky draw.
So owning 1 NFT Bitcoin by Jeg = 2 entries for the lucky draw! 

Bitcoin by Jeg - soon in your digital collectibles collection? 

Drop Date: currently available for sale
List Price: ≈ 3 USD (3 Tz) on November 18
Editions: 1333
Rarity: Commun
Secondary Market Fees: 15%

Click on the Objkt logo to be redirected to my Objkt Account, and buy this NFT


Not used to Tezos Blockchain? Here is a little tuto to buy this NFT

With the NFT Veve Logo by Jeg, you discovered Polygon on Opensea. Today, let's dive into the Tezos Blockchain. In order to get this NFT, you first have to create a wallet on Kukai ( 

Then, buy some XTZ on your favorite exchange, and send them over to your Kukai wallet address newly created. Now go to objkt, or click here ( to be redirected to my NFT Bitcoin by Jeg.
Sync your wallet on Objekt to be able to buy your NFT, and off you go! 

Remember that each NFT you buy is giving you an entry to win the original canvas - so you can buy as many as you wish to!

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