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Logo Veve By JEG NFT Collection — V Secret Rare

Twenty exclusive NFTs currently available for sale only on OpenSea

Win The Original Physics Painting-5.png

Logo Veve By JEG NFT Collection — V Secret Rare Exclusivity


You were numerous in the community to appreciate this artwork, I received hundreds
of messages, likes and retweets during the last few weeks… Thanks a lot guys!
You were more than 100 to win and receive the Logo Veve by Jeg, in Common Version - and I said to myself, we can do even better! So I decided to create 20 unique NFTs, in Secret Rare Version, each with a special surprise coming with it, and a utility…

Win The Original Physics Painting-6.png

Utility program — Only 20 unique NFTs numbered


Each and every one who will buy one of these 20 NFTs will receive a poster version of it
at home. Each posters will be unique as I will rework them and add your mint number
on it - all the NFTs will be numbered from 1 to 20. But there is more - a HUGE surprise. Once the 20 NFTs will be sold, each of the owners will have the opportunity to win the original painting on a draw. The value of the painting is based on my last sold painting, $2500, but adding the value that this is the first Veve's FANART, what value do you think it will have in the future?

Win The Original Physics Painting-3.png

The first Veve fan art in your collection!

Drop Date: currently available for sale
List Price: ≈ 170.00 (O,14 ETH ) on September 18
Editions: 20
Rarity: Secret Rare

Click on the OpenSea logo to be redirected to my OpenSea Account, and buy this NFT!
The NFT will be available on Monday, currently available for sale on OpenSea 

OpenSea-Full-Logo (dark).png

Secondary Market Fees

2% secondary market fee.

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