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Jeg, a self-taught artist originally emerging from the street art scene, now stands at the forefront of the Bitcoin art movement. Rooted in the culture of street art where anonymity itself is an art form, Jeg has always cherished this concept of a masked identity. This fascination with anonymity has deepened with his thorough immersion in the world of cypherpunks and the Bitcoin movement, realms where preserving one's identity is both a strategic and symbolic choice.

In his works, Jeg blends his street art heritage with contemporary themes related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. His creations are visual manifestos exploring concepts of digital freedom, data security, and financial autonomy. They invite reflection on the impact and challenges of the digital world on our society.

Choosing to remain anonymous, Jeg embodies the values of freedom and independence he advocates in his art. His decision to keep his identity concealed is not just an artistic move but also a political statement, reflecting his deep belief in the power of technology and art to change the world.

Through his paintings, Jeg does more than just present his ideas; he invites viewers on an introspective journey, encouraging them to explore the complexities of the digital age while questioning their own identity in this constantly evolving world



Exhibition in CryptoXR - 2024

Group Exhibition in Coinllectible Singapore - 2023

Group Exhibition in NFT FACTORY Paris - 2023
Artbox Project in Zurich - 2022

Publication in the Chinese AD - 2020

It's Summer in Rennes - 2019

Group Exhibition in Paris - 2018

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